My name is Yette, I am an Illustration artist and Design Student based in Berlin, Germany. I absolutely love creating with warm and bright colours, travelling, exploring nature & inspiring conversations. My vision is to inspire and empower you to become a bold believer in the beauty of your dreams.


I create colourful illustrations to brighten up your everyday life

I host a podcast to inspire you and help you grow

I share my experience about building a creative business with you in my newsletter

And now I have a shop where you can treat yourself to beautiful, high-quality, eco-friendly art prints (and soon other products) that bring warmth, colour, joy and inspiration to your home.


As an artist, my creative voice reflects my vibrant, warm and positive personality. I find inspiration in everyday moments – the warm sun shining in through the window, the delicate emerging of flowers in spring or the gentle prickle of homemade lemonade. The essence of these moments is what I try to capture with my use of colours and exploration of textures.


My creative journey started as soon as I could hold a crayon at the age of two, but it wasn’t until almost 18 years later that I really began to define my creative voice. When I created my Instagram account “colourlime” in April 2020 I would have never dreamed to be where I am now – a creative business in one hand and the privilege to share my journey, coach and inspire in the other.


I am a dreamer, a believer and an action-taker. I want to grow this creative business into a brand that can inspire and empower you, teach you how to build a creative business and spread joy with beautiful, high-quality products. I want to share that journey with you in my newsletter, help you grow with my podcast and spread my energy, joy and motivation. I couldn’t be more excited to see where the road takes me – and no, I don’t know exactly where I’m going or how I’ll get there – but it wouldn’t be half as fun if I did and I am here for it!


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